Quite often, when we contemplate a jewel on a shop-window, we just see an object on sale. We give for granted that it has been acquired somewhere at a certain price and that it is now sold at a price that is even higher. We hardly ever consider the possibility of that piece having been created by somebody’s hands. Somebody who imagined it, desired it and gave form to it through patience and willpower.
This is what we intended to highlight when we decided to open our workshop to the public. We wanted to make that relationship visible. We wanted to show that the pieces we make are “part of us”.

These things are usually hard to explain, but easy to understand when they are simply “seen”.


Antonio Ibáñez

Vitoria, 1949

“Perfection is simple. What is complicated is to reach it”

He studies Art History at Complutense University in Madrid, which he combines with the studies of Goldsmithing and Jewelry at the School of Arts and Crafts.

After that, he spends some time in London where he works as an apprentice at a restoration workshop of ancient jewelry. Here, it is also his first contact with the world of stones and learning of carving techniques.

He sets up his first professional workshop in León in 1978 from where he starts to sell his own art pieces to different spanish galleries.Due to his work, he has to move in 1984 to a workshop in Madrid where a few years later, he opens his first shop in Puerta de Toledo Market. During this time he starts to export his art pieces to Japan where he maintains a permanent presence for ten years.

Overwhelmed for what he understands an excessive dimension of his market, he decides to take a step back. He returns to his welcome land, really his wife’s land, also a close associate, Marian Diéguez and together they found “Galería Noroeste” in 1994.

Some exhibitions of particular significance:

2009-2008 “Galicia: 25 anos do Consello da Cultura Galega”.
Itinerant, Galicia

2004 “Artesanía y Diseño:100 propuestas para el nuevo milenio”.
Itinerant, Spain

1999 Individual.
Hipótesi Gallery, Barcelona

1997 “Galicia, Terra Única”.
Ferrol, A Coruña

1995 Individual.
El Candor Gallery,Tokyo, Japan

1992 “Carmen: el diseño de joyas en España”.
Basel, Tokyo and New York

1990 “Un siglo de joyería española”.
Itinerant, Spain

1990 “Spanish Designers”.
Tokyo, Japan

1990 “Diseño en la Artesanía”.
Fondo de Bienes Culturales, La Habana.

1987 Individual.
Galerie Cappazza, Nancy, France

1986 “Ob Árt”.
Paris, France

1985 “25 Sieraden Ontwerpen”.
Gemeente Museum, The Hague, Holand

1984 “Spaanse Kunst”.
Galerie Nouvelles Images, The Hague, Holand

1999 “Galicia terra única”.

2008 “Galicia 25. Unha cultura para un novo século. 1983-2008”.
Fundación Caixa Nova, Vigo

2016 “Arte, Artesanía, Deseño e sustentabilidade en Galicia”.
Fundación Torrente Ballester, Ferrol

2016 Artesanía de Galicia Award

2017 “Artesanía no Prato”.
Cidade da Cultura, Santiago de Compostela.

Jose Castro

Santiago de Compostela, 1979

“Harmony and formal beauty exist. Our job, our vocation is to find it”

She finishes Artistic Studies at Mankato School in Minneapolis in the field of ceramic in 1997.

Her next step is moving to London, where she attends different seminars about art design at the London University of Arts and also improves her english.

In 1999 supported and motivated by “Galería Noroeste” she starts her academic training as a jeweller at Massana School, taking an educational cycle on Artistic Jewelry.

In 2003 completes her studies in the Ontario School of Arts and Design, Toronto.

Returns to Santiago de Compostela in 2004 opening her first workshop, presenting her first collections and organising her first exhibition at “Galeria Noroeste”, a project to which she will be associated since then.

In the early years her collections can be found at different Galleries such as: Prime in Toronto, Noel Guyomarch in Montreal, Alea in Barcelona, Amaranto in Barcelona, Ignia in Menorca or Istra in San Sebastián.

Wins the “Galicia crea” contest in 2008 and takes part in exhibitions like “Galicia 25.Unha cultura para o novo século”, organised by Centro Caixanova de Vigo or in the group exhibitions that take place annually at the Prime and Alea Galleries.

In 2011 becomes an associate and co-director in “Galeria Noroeste” and begins with Antonio Ibáñez a new adventure, creating a new space where the gallery and their 2 workshops unify in one. With this, they combined the creation, manufacturing and sales of their art pieces in “Noroeste Obradoiro” in 2013.

In 2016 she takes part at an Arts, Craftwork, Design and Sustainability exhibition in Galicia, organized by Fundación Torrente Ballester from Ferrol. She wins the Galician Craftwork Award for her work with “Voluta, Volutidae” pieces.

In 2017 she becomes the director for “Noroeste Obradoiro” and participates together with Antonio Ibañez in “Artesanía no Prato”, organized by Fundación Centro Galego de Artesanía e do Deseño at the Cidade da Cultura de Santiago de Compostela.